Wootton Family Condemn Removal of JFTC2 Solidarity Banners.

The family of John Paul Wootton condemn the actions of those who recently removed banners and boarding in Derry and Dungiven highlighting the ongoing wrongful incarceration of the Craigavon Two.

In a statement issued by the Wootton family, they said: "The reason for anyone to remove displays highlighting the families campaign is beyond logic. Whether the reasons are meaningless destruction or sectarian in nature, it should be condemned by everyone who believes in truth and justice.

"Since the wrongful arrest and detention of John Paul and Brendan both families have declared their innocence, have protested and demanded their immediate release. We will continue to do so and will never be deterred, silenced or sidelined in our fight to end this ongoing miscarriage of justice.

"We have gained hope and strength from the relatives of those who fought for the release of the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four and those relatives who continue to fight for justice of their loved ones. Their struggle and determination remains with us, as we too call for the immediate release of the Craigavon Two. Each and everyone of us should be made aware of the continuing injustice of their imprisonment. We ask everyone to raise their voices, speak out and add your voice to demand their immediate release."

An injustice to one is and injustice to all!

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