Statement from the family of John-Paul Wootton

For a while now, our half of the JFTC2 campaign has been in a transitional period. This is due to the fact that we await the outcome of proceedings linked to the Criminal Case review Commission (CCRC) and John-Paul is in the process of re-visiting his legal case with the help of fresh eyes and new guidance. John-Paul is now in his 13th year of incarceration and we intend to renew our push for his freedom.

Our first task is to rebuild those elements of the campaign sabotaged by the Covert interference of the state and its agents. The creation of this page is a part of this process. In terms of the legal side of things, it is intended for more submissions to be made to the CCRC. At present, we await a response regarding matters already put forward by Brendans legal team.

On top of this, the exploration of advancements in scientific knowledge over the years is planned in the hope of opening up new avenues of challenge. We are in no doubt as to the obstacles in our way.

At this point in time it no longer matters to the legal system whether John-Paul was rightly or wrong convicted all those years ago. In general the further we progress through the different stages, the less the judiciary are concerned what happened at trial. It is often understood that an appeal is an opportunity for the facts of a case to be examined in order to establish whether a Miscarriage of Justice has occurred or not.

However what is in fact looked at, is simply whether the judge deciding the case was entitled to make certain decisions. What is not in question is whether those decisions where actually correct. So even when the system functions as it is supposed too, recognised flawed decisions can still stand following an appeal.

What is required then is new evidence and since the case against John-Paul was circumstantial, the challenge set is for us to put forward new circumstances that disprove what wasn't proven in the first place. This is the almost impossible task with which the state presents its victims.

We are determined though and we will find a way. We hope the work ongoing at the moment will prove sufficient.

We would of course like to offer our continued support to Brendan and his family and to express our appreciation to the wonderful people who have stood in solidarity with us in the past.

As we enter this new phase of our struggle, we humblly ask for your continued friendship.

Thank you,

The Wootton Family

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