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Justice for the Craigavon Two: The fight for justice continues

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Images from this years 50th Bloody Sunday anniversary in Derry as we continue to fight for justice and the immediate release of Brendan and John Paul also known as the Craigavon Two.

We have as always, been greeted warmly by the people of Derry and the Bloody Sunday families as they too continue to fight for justice. The Bloody Sunday commemorative events is an important platform for families like ourselves, but also communities and other social justice campaigns who struggle for truth and justice. This is such an important event as it has, since its inception, given an important voice to the voiceless who would have otherwise been sidelined or isolated.

From the Birmingham Six, to the Guildford Four, the Bloody Sunday families have shown courage and strength in their fight for justice whilst extending a helping hand to others, like ourselves, who continue to fight for justice.

Please continue to demand the immediate release of Brendan and John Paul!

#BloodySunday50 #BallymurphyMassacre #JFTC2

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