Campaign to end this Miscarriage of Justice continues

In response to recent newspaper articles highlighting the ongoing campaign for justice by the families of the Craigavon Two, the family of John-Paul Wootton in a statement released by the Wootton family said "We as a family along with John-Paul wanted to reach out to explain that any of our action associated with Justice for the Craigavon Two campaign is never to cause harm or offence and we continue to send our sympathies to the Carroll family.

"However, it is important to emphasis that despite ongoing imprisonment, sentences carried out in a diplock court and a campaign infiltrated and directed by an MI5 agent, both John Paul, Brendan and their families continue to declare their innocence and will not allow the campaign to end this ongoing miscarriage of justice or to be silenced until they are rightfully released."

From the outset of their detention, arrest and imprisonment, the families of both men have vehemently declared their innocence, opposed their wrongful incarceration and demanded an immediate end to this miscarriage of justice despite a widespread media blackout.

Today's statement comes as the Justice for the Craigavon Two campaign launched a new website to further highlight the campaign for justice to a wider audience online and through social media.

Further updates and information on JFTC2 campaign can be found at as well as Facebook and Twitter.

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